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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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from his 2-year-old son theo and wife eliana lopez. >> so i mean, this has been enormously crushing, the fact that i haven't been able to see my family, with my wife or with my son. >> reporter: mirkarimi's new lawyer as of yesterday, lidia stiglich, said mirkarimi had been going to counseling three sessions' worth. >> this is disproportionately cruel and we'll continue to commit to fight this. >> reporter: but prosecutors also told the judge that miss lopez emailed her neighbor last year about an incident when mirkarimi spent two hours alone with his son and in her words was a nightmare. she found theo all wet, hadn't been fed, left in a car. the defense said a report found no evidence of emotional abuse and no evidence that any of the couple's arguments have had any effect on the child. >> ross, resign! >> reporter: mirkarimi returns to the hall of justice next month for his court case and he
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will return now to his current place of residence, the home of his good friend and former mayor art agnos. allen? >> thank you, mike. anytime now state regulators could approve sweeping changes to clean air laws that some say could reshape the auto industry. the california air resources board will vote tonight or tomorrow on a proposal that requires 15% of new cars and trucks sold in the state by the year 2025 to run on electric, hydrogen or other low smoke sources and also require a 75 reductions in emissions from gas and diesel vehicles. >> we are currently about 25 to 35% any single month on hybrids right now. by 2015, we'll be 100% either hydrogen, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or regular hybrids. so by 2025, to be 10 or 15% zero emissions is no problem. >> the air board estimates the
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changes would add about $1,900 to the price of a new car or truck by the year 2025. but they say it would save $5,900 in gas costs over the life of the vehicle. the fate of the state's high-speed rail project could be back in voters' hands this november. the secretary of state approved the language for a new ballot initiative. backers can now start collecting signatures. the initiative would kill the multi-billion-dollar project designed to link san francisco to los angeles with bullet trains. more than 800,000 signatures need to be submitted by june 21st to qualify for the november ballot. other bay area headlines. a former san ramon police officer linked to a drug scandal changed his plea today. louis lombardi pleaded guilty in federal court to nine felonies. he and several others east bay law enforcement officers are accused of selling drugs, running a brothel and setting up men for drunken driving
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arrests. today san francisco crime scene investigators took the stand in the bologna family murder trial. they laid out evidence to the court on bullet trajectories in the deadly shooting of a father and his two sons while they were sitting in traffic. suspected gang member edwin ramos is accused of mistaking at least one of the victims for a rival gang member back in 2008. tonight's presidential debate in florida is expected to come down to a face-off between the two front-runners. new polls show newt gingrich running about even with mitt romney in the sunshine state. but they also show his momentum may be slowing. to pick up the pace, gingrich spent the day reaching out for votes with a new round of attacks on his chief rival. >> the message we should give mitt romney is you know, we aren't that stupid and you aren't that clever. >> a quarter of likely florida primary voters say they could still shift their support meaning tonight's debate could be a game changer.
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still, romney kept his pre- debate focus today squarely on president obama. >> we're going to have some choice times talking about the president and his failures. >> meantime, president obama is on the road building on themes outlined in his state of the union address. >> i said on tuesday and i will repeat today, we will not -- we cannot go back to an economy weakened by outsourcing and bad debt and phony financial profits. >> the three-day, five-state tour took the president to colorado and nevada today. he is using the trip to push for and expanded federal road in clean energy. he will open a new section of the gulf of mexico to oil exploration in an effort to increase domestic production. just like old times, it's a special oakland city council meeting last night. "occupy" demonstrators crashed the proceedings to protest deep
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budget cuts that the city is considering. their shouts essentially shut the whole thing down. christin ayers found out that the "occupiers" have a lot more on their agenda. reporter: call it the return of "occupy oakland." [ chanting ] >> reporter: after weeks of relative calm, occupy supporters flooded the rafters at oakland city hall wednesday night in protest of proposed redevelopment funds. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the meeting briefly shut down. and the mayor left the chamber. >> we're human beings out here, and we're still "occupy oakland" and we're here to stay. >> reporter: it's the beginning of what appears to be an "occupy" resurgence. monique agnew and other "occupiers" have kept a scant presence at frank ogawa plaza for weeks though the tents that once crowded the city hall lawn are gone. but now "occupiers" have unleashed an ambitious plan. >> basically, we're going to move in and "occupy" a property. >> reporter: a weekend of action calling in a youtube video for protestors to take
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over and you disclosed vacant building. >> on january 28th, we're going to "occupy" one of those buildings and turn it into a social center. >> reporter: and daring police to do anything about it. in a letter to mayor quan, "occupiers" threatened if you try to evict us again, we will make your lives more miserable than you make ours. they will do it they say, by blockading the oakland airport indefinitely, "occupy" city hall or the ports. they say to be heard means flexing the political muscle they know "occupy" has. >> the people want hope. something we can hope for, something we can believe in. >> christin ayers in oakland tonight. no more sales at j.c. penney. the discount retailer's new name and strategy it claims will save you money. julie watts breaks it down coming up. i'm juliette goodrich in vallejo where residents are taking matters into their own hands cracking down on prostitutes despite the city's cop cutbacks.
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and it's working. the story coming up. and huge blocks of ice missing. that's after two cars fall through a frozen lake. elite military training in a major u.s. city. why special ops cities are prepping for urban warfare above los angeles tonight at 6:00 on cbs 5.
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that fell through the ice earlier this wee crewmembers here are walking very carefully so they don't end up like the two cars that fell through the ice this week. this happened north of st. paul, minnesota. no one knows why the vehicles were on the lake in the first place. the car access is now closed off. no one was injured. new at 5:00 it's been six months since the city of vallejo shed the stigma of bankruptcy. but persistent problems with a very specific crime have forced local folks to take some action. juliette goodrich shows us the citizen groups filling the void of the downsized police force. juliette. allen, it's amazing, this street corner behind me used to have half dozen prostitutes about this time this evening. not anymore. that's because there's a group that formed. they are called the watch owls.
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they watch out and it's working. >> prostitutes arrive from all over and you can look down the street and see six of them on every corner. >> reporter: bj conrad is part of a group of vallejo residents calling themselves the kentucky street watch owls. their mission, cracking down on prostitutes and pimps. they started a year and a half ago taking photos, patrolling the streets, even attending court dates of prostitutes and pimps who have been busted. >> we have followed this particular gal through court. she was finally convicted. she was the most egregious really of all the prostitutes. she was kind of like 24/7. >> reporter: it didn't stop there. take a look at this. cameras have been installed at places where prostitutes would frequent, all funded by vallejo residents. >> it was like overnight the number of prostitutes dropped by about 80%. >> they got the message. >> yeah. they don't mess with us too much anymore. they used to when we first started but now they don't really mess with us.
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>> reporter: while the vallejo police force has experienced severe cutbacks, this vallejo resident who told cbs 5 he prefers to cross-dress still believes the police are out there and doing the job. >> they stop me because i was dressed like this provocative you know which is understandable and they took me in. luckily i didn't get busted because i wasn't doing anything but that just goes to show they are stopping doing their jobs. >> reporter: the kentucky street watch owls said they weren't about to stand by and watch the influx of prostitutes and pimps continue. they say they are happy to see there are signs of progress. >> prostitution and crime basically does not happen where there's positive energy. >> reporter: the watch owls say they have been trained on how to become good witnesses. they have also been trained on how to protect themselves when they are out patrolling the streets. and they say they will continue to patrol the streets to keep vallejo safe. in vallejo, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. an attempt by republicans to put a stop to an increase in
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the government's borrowing limit has been blocked by senate democrats. that measure passed today by a 52-44 vote. president obama's $1.2 trillion request was passed by the house last week. fewer new home purchases in december capped off the worst sales year on record. nationwide, just 307,000 new homes were sold in 2011. that's down from 323,000 a year before. and less than half of the 700,000 experts say they are needed in a healthy economy. and while new homes sales are down, mortgage rates are slowly on the rise. the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage rose today to nearly 4%. that's up a tenth from last week's all-time low. rates for a 15-year fixed mortgage increased to nearly 3.25%. and on wall street, all three major markets lost ground after early-morning rallies. for a short time, the dow soared to its highest level
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since the financial crisis began on strong earnings reports from u.s. manufacturers. a san francisco institution is back. how the mayor celebrated the re- opening of the original joe's. all discounts all the time at the new j.c. penney's. julie watts is asking if the new no sales strategy will work. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening. we are definitely in the fog tonight and then tomorrow, winds of change. the pinpoint getaway friday forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5.
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into this small drainage pipe rescue the pooch this very lucky dog not only one on all four's as you can see. a mill valley firefighter crawled into the small drainage pipe to rescue the dog after it fell in head first. sierra the collie was a little shaken up we're told but tonight's doing just fine. declare this. original joe's day in san francisco. [ applause and cheers ] >> the re-opening is so significant, the restaurant has its own day. today in san francisco, a ceremony was held for the new original joe's. next to washington square, the restaurant closed its tenderloin location after a fire in 2007.
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>> we're so excited. we took everything we could from the old to the new restaurant so when people walk in, regulars and customers, they will know and feel the spirit hopefully of the old restaurant and know they're home. >> the original joe's in the tenderloin opened in 1937. and j.c. penney is being touted as one of the most interesting retailers of 2012. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us that's because the old chain is getting a new look and a new pricing strategy. julie. reporter: the man who launched the apple retail stores is now revamping j.c. penney. he started with a new logo and a new in-store look but the key to the relaunch is a new pricing strategy which some aren't so sure will work. >> reporter: this is penney's new commercial pointing out the pain of missed sales and coupon clipping. as part of the relaunch, j.c. penney says it plans to get rid
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of sales altogether and slashing prices permanently up to 40%. >> their pricing strategy has always been dependent on discount. >> reporter: a consumer psychologist isn't so sure that discount strategy will work without sales. >> only one out of 500 products sold at penney's are sold at full price. that tells you that the customers are really accustomed to waiting until there is a discount. >> reporter: while the new strategy promises year-round discounts, yarrow says when it comes to consumer psychology, that may not work. >> consumers look at discounts as an opportunity. and they buy because they're afraid that opportunity won't be there tomorrow. >> reporter: she expects the new pricing strategy will work for the first few months but doesn't think it will keep customers coming back. what might, the store's new look and layout. >> you tend not to associate j.c. penney with style or something that's maybe on the cutting edge. >> reporter: but that may be about to change. instead of endless racks and cluttered cables, new brands
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will be divided into stores within the store. >> that might cause me to come back. >> reporter: that's the hope for the changes that begin february 1. this announcement has penney's stock soaring today as industry insiders have faith in the man that turned apple's stores into an interactive playground. we should note, johnson, the store's ceo, was also responsible for target's upscale revamp which many now refer to as tar-jay, following in line some have now nicknamed this jacques penne. >> it's definitely gotten a makeover recently. >> and business went up after the target makeover. >> give some credit to the guy who credited the genius bar. >> we have to wait and see if there will be interactivity or sampling in the store. >> thanks, julie. san francisco show some heart for a hospital. starting today, tabletop hearts are on display in a window at macy's in union square. now, these hearts are designed and made by primarily local artists.
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they are going to be sold at auction next month and the money raised goes to san francisco general hospital and trauma center. all right. in the heart of the country in texas, severe storms spawning some devastating tornadoes. they ripped off roofs, destroyed cars, toppled trees. those storms swept from north to south. the national weather service investigating at least half a dozen tornadoes in the lone star state. nobody was hurt. weather here in the bay area a little milder than that. but you're saying changes could be on the way? >> we have big-time changes but while it is rather active across the country, it is quieting down here on the west coast. good evening, everybody. let's head outside. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera where we finally have a bit of clearing over the bay where today the temperature in san francisco was only 56 degrees with plenty of cloud cover. east of the bay bridge, it was 61 in oakland and currently we're in the 50s and 60s. a quick cooldown after that official sundown at 5:26. high surf advisory still in place at least for the next 35
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to 40 minutes as swells build out of west at 15 miles per hour. overnight lows tonight shrouded with clouds in the form of low clouds and fog anywhere from about 35 to 48 degrees. the winds are pretty much nonexistent. but we will have a wind shift on friday. as the clouds clear, that's going to et is the stage for a sunshiny weekend. that's a change elizabeth was referring to. and one day this weekend we'll be warmer than the other. i'll highlight that day. first, area of low pressure to the north of the bay area producing plenty of rainfall around the northwestern section of the state. and even into the central portion of the state of california. this rain began to disintegrate as it backed up against our ridge of high pressure. that storm line is going to stay well to the north of the bay area without that fluctuation in the jet stream. high pressure is going to allow it to expand and we have your getaway friday forecast on the sunny side up.
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mid-60s throughout the central valley. mid-40s in the high sierra. 60 in monterey bay, 53 in eureka. tomorrow's daytime highs, couple of degrees warmer than what we experienced today going up to 68 degrees. in santa rosa after a high today in the mid-60s, we're talking about temperatures in the 60s around the peninsula, as well. here you have the extended forecast each day sunshine through the weekend with saturday being the warmest day coming up out of the two there. and then we're going to keep it partly to mostly cloudy on monday through thursday with temperatures a little more seasonal. your sierra forecast, if you are making getaway plans for the weekend, lots of sunshine, no road restrictions. heavenly has plenty of packed powder and they will continue to make the snow in the overnight hours as the temperature drops into the teens. northstar snow base up to 36." and squaw valley says, come on up! we have plenty of powder, as well. under partly cloudy skies tomorrow, 19 lifts open.
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i heard from homewood as i was running up to the studio. they said for the first time this season the entire mountain is open top to bottom. enjoy. >> thank you. new hope for those battling lung cancer. >> some new research out of ucsf may raise survival rates. dr. kim with first details of a groundbreaking study. that's next.
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opened today. we were able it's the first of its kind in the bay area and possibly in the world. the zen room at sfo officially opened today. we got a sneak peek on tuesday. it provides flyers with free mats and space to meditate before taking flight. only ticketed passengers have access. lung cancer the leading cause of death in the united states and across the world. a new test may help improve survival for hundreds of thousands of patients each year. dr. kim mulvihill explains. that's good news. >> reporter: great news. you know, more people die from lung cancer each year than from
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breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. scientists from ucsf, kaiser permanente and china teamed up to study a molecular test that could make a huge difference. every year, 150,000 americans die from lung cancer. most are linked to cigarette smoke. but environmental factors and genetics also play a role. early diagnosis is key. but it's not enough. almost half of all patients with early stage lung cancer already have microscopic metastatic disease. undetectable clumps of cancer cells that grow into tumors in the months and years after surgery. >> 35, even 40 or 50% of the patients will recur with their cancer and tragically when patients recur from lung cancer they die from it. >> reporter: a new molecular test to assess risk could change that. >> i think it's a breakthrough. >> what step are you doing now? >> reporter: a doctor head of
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thoracic surgery at ucsf led an international team of scientists. their findings found their tests outperformed standard tests from today. >> over 1500 patients we corroborated the same findings that the 14 genes were forecasting for low, intermediate or high risk chance of recurrence an death. >> reporter: so instead of watching and waiting, doctors would know who is most at risk and, therefore, most likely to benefit from chemotherapy. >> we would give the chemotherapy when it would be most likely to be most effective and that hopefully, this would translate into increased chance of cure not just delay of recurrence. but cure for those patients. >> reporter: and he says understanding the biology of cancer and individualizing care will transform cancer treatment across the board. >> we will assess the cancer not even organ-specific anymore, pancreatic, breast, lung or colon.
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we'll know because of the molecular pathways and gene expression what potential biology and chance of microscopic disease may be and then understand how to treat the patient and their prognosis. >> reporter: the next step will be the gold standard clinical trial looking at whether chemotherapy improves survival in these high risk patients. but the test is available today. full disclosure, my son michael is a medical student working in that doctor's lab and is one of the authors on the paper. >> incredible. >> great news. you don't hear that work used very often. thank you. staging car accidents to cash in on fake injuries. our cbs news investigation reveals who is behind this fast- moving sham that's driving up the cost of your insurance. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,
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at 6: a california woman spent i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. , a california woman spent years searching for her missing sister only to find out that police found her remains ten years ago. their response? they forgot to tell her. find out why families with lost loved ones could be in the dark. and special ops out in force over a major california city. the secret trading mission that we were never supposed to find out about. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. >> caption


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